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The perfect marriage between GoldMine and AccountMate

GoldBand2 (the successor to our popular GoldBand product) by Figtree Consulting, Inc. links GoldMine and AccountMate.  It allows the transfer of selected GoldMine contacts into AccountMate customers, and vice-versa; as well as the transfer of sales detail information as Sales Records under the History tab in GoldMine.

GoldBand2 can be run on demand to transfer data between the two systems regardless of whether GoldMine and/or AccountMate is running; or it can be scheduled to run at regular intervals or for batch execution.  No modifications are required to AccountMate or GoldMine.  Select which GoldMine contacts should be moved to AccountMate.  A simple configuration screen sets up GoldBand2 for your system.  Run the link whenever you want to copy data between the systems.

The GoldBand2 Basic Edition transfers customers between LAN versions of GoldMine and AccountMate.

The GoldBand2 Enterprise Edition works with SQL or LAN versions of GoldMine or AccountMate and adds functionality to transfer vendor information and sales information and allows you to add your own links (or mapping) between fields in both systems.  You can link standard AccountMate or GoldMine fields or additional contact fields that you have added to either AccountMate or GoldMine.

For both GoldBand2 editions, all data added to GoldMine can be fully synchronized with any remote site.

Figtree is experienced in building automated functions to move inventory statistics, volume summaries, accounts receivable statistics and other AccountMate information to GoldMine.

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 Place Order GoldBand2 Enterprise $1095.

 Place Order GoldBand2 Basic $495.

 Place Order Basic to Enterprise upgrade $625.

 For Other Upgrades CALL Figtree

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